The Stem Cell Skin Gun

People who are severely burned generally have to go through a hell so painful (debridement), that they would prefer to die.  What if there is a better way?

Really, I’m not sure that this would prevent them from having to go through the debridement process at least once, in order to remove the burnt skin, but it would be the only time, rather than having to do it daily.

This “skin gun” uses a person’s stem cells, from his or her own skin. The cells are put into a solution and sprayed back onto their skin, creating new skin growth in just days. And instead of taking weeks to grow fragile new skin, during which time the patient faces a huge risk of infection, this stem cell skin is ready to go in an hour and a half.

The gun was created by Dr. Jorg Gerlach. I met a guy on Facebook who is a patient of Dr. Gerlach. He was in a horrible explosion, and besides all his skin, his fingers were also burned off. Dr. Gerlach is working to try to regrow his fingers through the use of stem cells. I will need to get this man’s permission to write about him here, but just so you know, this is for real!!

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