Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

Person in Wheelchair

Disappointing Results for MS Sufferers

Clinical Trial shows MSCs, or mesenchymal stem cells, are unable to alleviate inflammation in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Stork Delivering a Baby

Can You Afford Cord Blood Collection?

Thanks to modern medicine, there is something you can do that can help your child with health problems that they may develop later on in their life.

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Stem Cells and Ethics

Social and Political Attitudes Towards Stem Cell Treatments

These tiny cells have created a storm of fury, confusion and misunderstanding among both the professional community and the general public.

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The Future of Stem Cells

No issue in the medical community polarizes more people than stem cell research. Although the benefits of stem cell therapy are clear, the controversy remains.

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Umbilical Cord Blood

Cord Blood Banking

Though it’s been around for decades, the idea of storing the blood from the umbilical cord is still relatively unheard of among many people. So what is cord blood banking?

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Stem Cell Treatments

The Possibilities of Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells have many possible applications in the future. Scientists believe that once the secrets of these cells have been unlocked, they may be the key to extending life and healing the body.

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Stem Cells

What are Stem Cells?

In recent times, one of the most important steps that have been made toward the goal of a longer and healthier lifespan seems to be the research regarding stem cells.

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The Growing Success Rate of Stem Cell Treatments

Although the future of stem cell research is not clear, the benefits seem to be irrefutable.

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Newborn Baby

Cord Blood Registry

Unless otherwise directed, hospital personnel will label your baby’s cord blood and the placenta as medical waste and it’s discarded.

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Stem Cells

Discovered: A Less Invasive Procedure For Stem Cell Extraction

Scientists have now discovered a less-invasive technique to extract bone marrow cells for transplants, however, it can come with unwanted side-effects.

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