Newborn Baby

Cord Blood Registry

Unless otherwise directed, hospital personnel will label your baby’s cord blood and the placenta as medical waste and it’s discarded.

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Stem Cells

Discovered: A Less Invasive Procedure For Stem Cell Extraction

Scientists have now discovered a less-invasive technique to extract bone marrow cells for transplants, however, it can come with unwanted side-effects.

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3D Organ Printers

Recreating Live Tissue Using 3D Printing

Scientists have made great advances in the field of regenerative medicine. According to latest news, custom-made, living body parts can now be 3D printed.

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Lab Mice

A Stem Cell Treatment for MS?

Mice, who were unable to walk because of an MS-like illness, were treated in May of 2014 with human neural stem cells.

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The Skin Gun

The Stem Cell Skin Gun

People who are severely burned generally have to go through a hell so painful (debridement), that they would prefer to die. What if there is a better way?

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regenerative medicine

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is a branch of molecular biology that deals with the creation of living, functional tissues used to replace or repair tissues or organs lost with disease, age, or congenital defects.

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